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About ISO

Quality policy

I am active based on the following policies.
The Ezuka industry co., ltd. establishes a quality policy to promote a quality control activity based on performing operation about design and fabrication, sale, the repair remodeling of a machine for the industry and the appliance and design and fabrication, the sale of the steel structure.
1.Is greatest in coming true, and continuing always supplying the thing which the customer hopes for to contribute to the prosperity of the customer steadily; is intended, and appropriate by a quality management system; apply it.
2.It is a premise to aim at the company business development by the effort that is going to exceed the expectation of the customer and, for the satisfaction of the employee, is convinced of its being connected directly with contribution to the society widely, and it is to all company bullets and does my best.
3.The product which we produce recognizes that I am used for global and pursues the standard in conformity with the international standard.
4.I have consciousness of the law-abiding highly and utilize all the resources in the company and I put it and raise an operational effect.
5.We carry out a review, improvement continuously without a break to get better result.

Ezuka industry co., ltd.
President Tsutomu Matsuda

On inquiring it

■You read "a privacy policy" on an inquiry, and please refer after an agreement.
■An answer may take time. Please refer for the dispatch over a telephone.
※Time in: From 8:00 to 17:00 (except Sunday and Monday, the holiday)
■In the case of a telephone: Please call to 0538-35-8708.
■In the case of FAX   :Please send it to 0538-35-8709.
Ezuka industry co., ltd.
636, Kamada, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka
A phone number: 0538-35-8708
An FAX number: 0538-35-8709
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